At some point we are all faced with bookkeeping tasks. The small business owner has multiple tasks and bookkeeping done correctly can be time consuming and challenging. bookkeeping accounting bookkeeping los angeles, Bookkeeping accountant Inglewood


Let Patton Financial Service spend the time for you. We provide permanent and temporary accounting services. Quickbook is available for daily record keeping.


Reporting daily financial transactions is often seen as a nuisance even though it is the contest of business, and transactions are often omitted or not even considered as important. This happens when owners do the record keeping while attempting to operate their business each day.  That’s a lot of work! An employee can be hired to undertake the bookkeeping at a salary (expense) often exceeding $40,000 per year plus benefits.

Patton Financial can do the job for literally half the cost and no benefits and total accuracy. Have assurance that purchases, sales, receipts and payments are all recorded and the balance sheet is accurate. Patton can have a representative come to your office weekly to obtain transaction to be recorded, examine check registers, also documents sales and purchases. This step can also occur via computer if you choose.