I worked with Stephanie. It was like having a skilled professional employee.

She managed my bookeeping an accounting work with the attention to detail

that it required, and gave me personal attention that you don’t get from some of

the larger companies.

I would recommend her to anyone.

David Alexander

Multi Media Solar


Hey Love Records and Tapes is a family owned business. Established in the early 80′s it grew quickly and so did the number of employees. We hired a bookkeeper who did a terrific job for many years. When she retired we had to find a replacement. We found the salary and benefits to be higher than previously remembered. We were introduced to Patton Financial Service. The service provided by Patton Financial Service met our immediate and long term needs. The cost averaged out less than an employee with an increase in accuracy.

Jane of all Trades a new start up small business was an idea I had soon after I finished college. I found the first thing needed was an accountant or anyone but myself to do accounting tasks. We started off with several clients all needing invoicing, we needed an accounting system badly to be put into place. With the help of Patton Financial Service this was possible quickly. They are professional and easy to work with, there is alway an open line of communication.  Thanks Patton Financial